20 Health Policy Experts Worth Following on Twitter

Keeping up with today’s health policy issues is no easy matter. But, if your job requires you to stay in touch, or if you just want to keep up with the goings on in the world of health policy, Twitter is a great tool. Here are 20 health and health policy Twitter accounts you should be following.

  1. Kaiser Health News: This is Kaiser’s non profit news service that covers healthcare policy and political issues. They are editorially independent from the Kaiser Foundation. You’ll find news about healthcare reform, research and medical discoveries here.
  2. Maggie Mahar: Maggie Mahar writes the “Healthbeat” web newsletter for the Century Foundation. Her newsletter covers all sorts of health topics of interest.
  3. Health Policy Hub: This Twitter account is part of Community Catalyst, an organization dedicated to giving the people a voice in healthcare reform. This is one of the best places to keep up with what’s going on in the world of healthcare reform.
  4. Guttmacher: The Twitter account for the Guttmacher Institute, an reproductive and sexual health organization. They offer the latest updates in treatments and findings regarding reproductive and sexual health.
  5. RWV4Healthcare: Raising Women’s Voices is an organization dedicated to making women’s voices heard regarding women’s health issues. They keep followers informed of healthcare policy issues that relate to women as well as developments in women’s health issues.
  6. Lifeline Project: A project dedicated to offering treatment and awareness for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, and their families. They follow public health and healthcare policy related to treatment for substance abuse.
  7. Apetite for Profit: Michele Simon is a public health lawyer and an advocate for “food justice”. She keeps you up to date on policies regarding menus in schools and other initiatives to help Americans eat healthier. She also exposes food industry marketing aimed at keeping us fat and unhealthy.
  8. APHA: The American Public Health Administration works to protect Americans from health threats. You’ll get lots of information on disease outbreaks and the government response to them, among other things.
  9. NY Times Health: Great source for news articles about health and health policy.
  10. WSJ Health Blog: The Wall Street Journal’s blog on health and the business of healthcare. This account has been one of the best at following developments in healthcare reform.
  11. NIH for Health: The Twitter account for the National Institute of Health, the nation’s number one health research agency. This is a great place to learn about new medical developments.
  12. Discovery Health: The Twitter account for the television station of the same name. They offer lots of information on health and wellness.
  13. Harvard Health: Great health information provided by the 8000 doctors at Harvard Medical School.
  14. Mental Health NIMH: The National Institute of Mental Health is the largest scientific organization in the world dedicated to mental health research. You’ll learn about new developments in the world of mental health care, as well as how healthcare policy affects those with mental disorders.
  15. Health Hive: All sorts of health news, including information on healthcare policy reform.
  16. Health Reform Now: The official House of Representatives Twitter account on healthcare reform.
  17. Healthcare.gov:The government’s health care outreach and communication page. You’ll get straight facts about how healthcare reform affects Americans, and learn about making the most of your benefits.
  18. Global Health Progress: Global Health Progress is an advocacy organization promoting better healthcare throughout the world. You can keep up to date on global initiatives designed to help address particular health problems in the US and other countries.
  19. Health Affairs: The policy journal of the health world. Learn about policies affecting health care, medical practice and private insurance.
  20. National Health Council: The National Health Council is a voice for people with chronic illnesses. Their page offers news related to healthcare issues and health issues for those who live with chronic illnesses.

Armed with these 20 Twitter accounts, it should be easy to stay up to date in the world of health, healthcare and policy reform.

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