5 Ways Social Media Is Changing Health Policy

There are many reasons to believe, how social media can be used to engage with citizens specially reasons and causes of health care policy making. Below is shown up some of the health care issues of topical interest with perspective of social media for making health care policy.

  1. Become an integral part of communication strategy: As a policy formulation is not possible to accomplish without any engagement thus new media can make all the existing sides as party for deriving at any result into communication strategy and helps to the cause on long term basis.
  2. To bring in transparency into system:  By the means of social media a form of transparency can be brought into the system. As social media helps in judging and gauging about the mind set and ideas masses having in their mind and with public participation masses consider those policies formulation to be their own processes. As new media engage public to the level by bringing public to feedback and discuss with them healthcare policies with having monopoly of ideas over there.
  3. To Associate with Experts: As it is possible on social media sites as from the depth and knowledge and discussion as expressed and shared by many experts to reach a conclusion and at the same time being associated with experts. And social media this way creates a conclusion over views of industry experts as well as public. These comments are quite constructive and useful.
  4. To Form a Broader Community to React:  Social media can create better and big communities as there are huge funs and followers are respectively on new media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The collage of these communities can help in forming an opinion or issue of public health. These social media sites also get success in attracting main stream media towards them and form unanimous opinion or generate support among masses. They help government and policy makers to reach directly to citizens and common masses and helps in clarifying thinning process to masses.  This open and two-way communications channel helps to fine tune policy formulation with respect to ground implementation around the corner.
  5. To have better leadership and experimentation: As it is clear that social media can contribute through the means and ideas of community and transparency to the cause of health care, thus it develops a new creed of leadership and management brought out by the number of ideas represented and shared on it. And in new media blogging vastly contribute to this cause.   More social media lets health policy managers to experiment much and more as they can have quick and radical responses over social media cycles and they can proceed further for those experimentations.
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