Career Possibilities With a Masters Degree in Health Policy

Healthcare and general health have become more important than usual these days. With healthcare itself now a controversial subject in the government, people with a master’s degree health policy will not find themselves without a job. There are many opportunities for someone with a master’s degree, and often at a higher salary than one would get with only a bachelor’s degree. In fact, some of the best positions are only available to graduates who have at least a master’s degree.


Many organizations and companies recruit lobbyists to speak before congress and other government officials to advocate for their policies. This is how so many regulations came down upon the tobacco industry on selling cigarettes, for example. You would be responsible for advocating for your policies, as well as talking to government officials to set up laws that benefit the health policies that you support. You can potentially earn a six-figure income doing this as well, depending on your experience in the field. Many lobbyists earn bonuses when they convince politicians to get on board with their policy, so you could earn more if you’re good at your job.

Policy Analyst

As a policy analyst, you would be researching what would be the most effective approach to handling health for an organization. This could involve things such as what coverage to give a corporation for its employees, as well as the most cost-effective approach is to treat patients while still providing the best possible care in a hospital or other healthcare area. Some analysts also work in research departments, working directly with medical professionals, patients, consumers, and more to compile stats and study how policy is really effecting others. The median salary for this area is about $85,000.

Education and Training

Communities are always in need of people to talk about education in one form or another. You can educate people in schools and colleges, as well as part of neighborhood education centers. You can either work for yourself or partner with a non-profit organization that follows your cause, such as Planned Parenthood or an organization dedicated to a disease like AIDS or Cancer. You would be responsible for teaching the basics of a problem, as well as providing materials with more information.

Top Online Masters in Health Policy & Admin Degrees

Walden University
MPA in Health Policy

Walden University -- Walden University offers an Master of Public Health (MPA) with a specialization in health policy. The foundational knowledge taught in the Master of Public Administration program is useful for working in the national, state or local level in any capacity. When combined with Health Policy, leaders are prepared to design and implement policies to help their communities receive the best healthcare possible.

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Kaplan University
Master of Public Health

Kaplan University -- Kaplan University's Master of Public Health program is designed to provide the skills necessary for effective leadership and management in government, nonprofit, and private businesses in the health industry. Courses cover how to apply scientific research, epidemiological, and statistical methods in public health practice, as well as how to develop policies and programs for your community.

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