Top 50 Healthcare Law and Legislation Blogs

Healthcare is an issue fraught with pitfalls. It’s not just about providing care to patients and their families; healthcare also encompasses the laws that help define limits and expectations. Health policy includes an expanding number of laws, regulations and ethics considerations. The way we care for our sick and aging — as well as who has access to healthcare — are subjects that offer countless points for debate.

You can learn more about the points of healthcare law and policy, and find out more about debates surrounding our health system, with the help of what you find online. There are a number of blogs and web sites offering fact and opinion on healthcare and how it is handled in the U.S. If you are interested in healthcare law and legislation, you can visit these 50 blogs:

General Healthcare Law and Legislation Blogs

These blogs take a look at a wide variety of issues related to healthcare law and legislation. They are not particularly specialized, so you can get commentary, facts and more related a number of different subjects related to healthcare law. Many also include interesting debates and informative articles on points of law.

  1. Healthcare Law Blog: A look at legal issues that affect the health industry.
  2. HealthBlawg: Get the latest in health care law developments from this blawg.
  3. Health Care Law Blog: Keeps an eye on different healthcare law and legislation issues.
  4. Singularity Health Law: A look at the legal issues and laws surrounding healthcare.
  5. HealthLawProf Blog: One of the best blogs on healthcare law and policy. Plenty of good information.
  6. Med Law Blog: Different issues related to the medical field, healthcare and more. Interesting look at the application of healthcare law.
  7. Journal of Health Law & Policy: Saint Louis University offers the latest news and information related to health law and legislation.
  8. Health Law Attorney Blog: Insights from healthcare attorneys.
  9. Health Policy Blog: The Mayo Clinic offers a great resource for those interested in national policy, law and legislation related to healthcare.

HIPAA Law Blogs

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a sweeping piece of legislation that addresses electronic health records, how you can move your health insurance policy around, and what responsibilities healthcare providers have with regard to patient privacy. You can learn more about the rules and laws related to HIPAA on the following blogs.

  1. HIPAA News and Updates: Get the latest news and information on HIPAA law.
  2. HIPAA Blog: News, information and developments related to HIPAA legislation.
  3. HIPAA, HITECH & HIT: Looks at the laws and policies surrounding technology and health care, including HIPAA and laws related to electronic medical records.
  4. All things related to HIPAA healthcare legislation.
  5. HIPAA Update: All of the latest information related to HIPAA law.
  6. EMR and HIPAA: Great blog with information on laws related to electronic medical records and HIPAA.
  7. HIPAA Desktop: A good way to get the latest news related to this piece of healthcare legislation.

Healthcare Compliance and Legal Issues

Get a handle on healthcare law compliance, as well as other legal issues. If you are interested in compliance, as well as legal protection, these blogs can be quite helpful.

  1. Health Law Blog: This blog addresses compliance issues and other legal issues.
  2. Health IT Law Blog: Offers insight into compliance related to healthcare IT, electronic health records and more. Policy news and pending legislation.
  3. FMLA Blog: Learn more about what your rights are when it comes to the Family & Medical Leave Act. A great compliance resource.
  4. HIPAA Compliance Journal: Helpful resource related to compliance, especially as it relates to HIPAA issues.
  5. HIPAA Bulletin: Designed to help you with compliance related to HIPAA and other issues.
  6. PVWLaw Health Care Legal Resources: A great blog about compliance, news and healthcare legal issues.
  7. Health Privacy: Blog about compliance issues in healthcare. Looks at healthcare privacy law and policy.
  8. HCAAnet: A blog about healthcare law and compliance.
  9. Health Care Compliance Blog: A look at different issues related to healthcare compliance and news.
  10. Passen Law Group Blog: Plenty of compliance news and information.

Elder Care Law Blogs

One of the growing segments of the population is the elderly. As Baby Boomers age, we will see more aging patients. Elder care law is becoming more popular. This can include nursing home abuse, death policy, as well as other law and policy issues that might be related to healthcare for the aging.

  1. Elder Law Prof Blog: A great look at the basics of elder care law, and what is next.
  2. Elder Law Answers: Learn more about elder care legislation, law and policy.
  3. Elder Law Blog: Medicare law, HIPAA legislation and elder car policy included on this blog.
  4. Massachusetts Estate Planning and Elder Law: Find out more about nursing homes, Medicaid law and estate planning law. Plenty of other issues related to elder care, health and law.
  5. Nursing Homes Abuse Blog: Learn more about nursing home abuse law, as well as other issues surrounding elder healthcare.
  6. Nursing Home: This blog looks at legal issues surrounding nursing homes and abuse.
  7. Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Blog: Keep up with issues related to nursing home abuse and other elder concerns.
  8. Death Care Compliance Law: Learn more about death care, including elder healthcare.
  9. Medical Futility Blog: Looks at policy, legal and other issues related to the way we die.
  10. H.E.L.P.: Blog designed to help seniors and caregivers learn more about their rights under the law, including healthcare law.

Home Care, Nursing Home and Hospice Law Blogs

More and more people are interested in healthcare at home or in a hospice situation. There are a number of legal and policy issues that arise from healthcare in different settings. These blogs look at some of the issues of interest specifically related to home care and hospice care.

  1. Home Care Law Blog: News, information and commentary about the latest issues affecting home care.
  2. Nursing Home Law Blog: This blog is about nursing home care, law and policy.
  3. The Nursing Home Administrator: Find out more about nursing homes, healthcare law related to these facilities, and more.
  4. Home Care & Hospice Employment Law: Helpful podcast/blog about laws surrounding healthcare law for employees of home care and hospice organizations.
  5. Hospice Care: Legal information and guide related to hospice care.

Healthcare Reform Legislation Blogs

Even though healthcare reform was passed in 2010, it is still a matter of debate. Some politicians and citizens want to see it repealed, but others insist that it is a step forward. These blogs offer information about the legislation, as well as arguments for and against the reform. In the U.S., the debate over healthcare reform law and policy is far from over.

  1. Real Health Reform: This blog looks at what is going on in health care legislation, and discusses health reform policy.
  2. Health Reform Talk: Commentary, policy positions and more on healthcare reform legislation.
  3. Health Care Law Reform: Latest news related to what is happening with health law, as well as ideas for true reform.
  4. The Alan Katz Health Care Reform Blog: A look at healthcare reform legislation and the debate surrounding it.
  5. Health Care Rx: Insights, opinions and more from The Washington Post.
  6. Beyond Healthcare Reform: A look at laws and legislation related to healthcare reform.
  7. Visit this site for news and information related to the new healthcare reform law.
  8. American HealthCare Reform: Find out more about the health care reform debate.
  9. Health Reform Source: The Kaiser Family Foundation offers insights into health reform policy and law.
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